Your Historic Day Deserves a Historic Location!

The Pere Marquette Depot offers the best of both worlds; old-world charm and elegance combines with modern technology and conveniences. Treat your guests to a venue that is out of the ordinary. We are proud of our high quality event facility and look forward to working with you soon!

View the information below to learn more about our facility. Visit our Rental Information section for guidelines and use guidelines.

Sound System

A sound system is available at the Pere Marquette Depot for an additional per event fee. The sound system includes a microphone and also includes a USB port to allow for pre-recorded music to be played through the sound system. Please inform the Depot Facility Coordinator if you would be interested in utilizing this system for the additional fee.

Maximum Occupancy

Our facility has an established maximum occupancy. Fire and Building codes prevent us from allowing users to exceed this limit. The Bay City Fire Marshall has established a maximum capacity of 180 persons for the 1904 Room (2,063 sq. ft. area where passengers used to await arriving trains) Note: Occupancies change according to space setup.

Elegant Surroundings

The Pere Marquette Depot offers beautiful backdrops for your photos. From the moment your guests step foot on the Depot's Terrazzo floor, they will know this is no ordinary venue. Imagine having your wedding photos taken on our sweeping oak staircase; your event photos taken with Italian marble wainscoting in the background and the gorgeous glow of the natural light coming in through the abundant windows.

Outdoor areas

The Pere Marquette Depot is situated in an almost park-like setting in the center of Downtown Bay City. Our grounds provide a place for photos, walks, and additional activities.

Tables, Chairs, Linens

  • 100 padded folding chairs
  • 10 - 8' banquet tables
  • 3 - 6' banquet tables
  • 3 40" round tables
  • 3 cocktail tables (with 9 chairs)
  • A limited number of black and white linens are available for a rental fee


Complimentary parking is available on-site in our visitor parking lot, south of the building on a first-come, first-served basis. Your facility reservation does not include guaranteed or reserved parking. There are several adjacent streets that offer parallel parking if you require additional parking. The Pere Marquette Parking Plaza located at Fifth and Adams is available weekdays, without the possibility of being ticketed after 6 p.m. and is available any time on weekends.

Catering Kitchen Facility

Food and beverages are welcome in our facility. We do have a kitchen facility available with a warming oven and refrigerator. Catering services are responsible for proper use of equipment. Please notify our staff in advance if you intend to have food and/or beverages at your event.


The 1904 Room at the Depot is well lit and has an abundance of windows. We have blinds available. Lighting can be controlled through external, publicly accessible light switches. Other lighting is to remain on/off as programmed and emergency lighting is to remain undisturbed.

>> Click to download the Depot Facility Application (139 Kb PDF file)

All reservation cancellations must be made in writing (email is acceptable) a minimum of 45 business days prior to your event. If you do not cancel in advance, please note:

If you cancel 45 days or less prior to the event, you will not be reimbursed for any amount paid. If you cancel before 45 days, you will be reimbursed for the amount paid, excluding the $50 deposit fee.

The Depot, acting in good faith, may cancel your event in circumstances where the space you requested becomes unsafe for your intended use. Such circumstances include, but are not limited to, natural disasters, inclement weather, environmental hazards, civil disturbances or other events affecting public health and safety. In such circumstances, the Depot is under no obligation to refund your rental fee or any of your deposits, but it may do so at its sole discretion.

Time & Date Changes

Event time and/or date change requests are accepted in writing (email is acceptable) a minimum of 45 business days prior to the event. Approval of the change request is subject to facility and staffing availability. If fees apply, they must be paid in full at the time the change is made.

Setup for Wedding Ceremony 1

>> Click to download the PDF

Maximum Occupancy

Our facility has an established maximum occupancy. Fire and Building codes prevent us from allowing users to exceed this limit. The Bay City Fire Marshall has established a maximum capacity of 180 persons for the 1904 Room (2,063 sq. ft. area where passengers used to await arriving trains) Note: Occupancies change according to space setup.


We currently allow you to use the caterer of your choice. Caterers are responsible for cleaning any areas used prior to leaving and removing food and foodservice equipment or will be billed for cleaning services (unless other arrangements have been made with our staff).

Alcoholic Beverages

Depending on the event, alcohol may be allowed in our indoor spaces. All requests to serve alcohol must be approved in advance by us. If you receive approval from us to serve or sell alcohol at your event, be advised of the following requirements:

  1. A TAM-certified (Techniques of Alcohol Management, alcohol server who is at least 21 years of age is required. You are responsible for hiring the permitted alcohol server for your event and ensuring that the server's permit is on hand at the event. All alcohol is to be served by the permitted alcohol server, and event guests are not permitted to bring their own alcohol.
  2. A liquor license is required if alcohol is being sold. Copies of the permits must be submitted to us a minimum of 14 business days prior to your event.
  3. You are responsible for the conduct and behavior of your drinking guests. Under age drinking (under 21 years of age) is strictly prohibitd and against the law.
  4. Serving alcohol without proper approval and permits, and/or in violation of any of the above policies and procedures may result in a Police citation, immediate shut down of your event, forfeiture of your deposit, and/or additional fees and penalties.
  5. Please name Pere Marquette Depot, LLC as an additional insured for $100,000 on your general liability insurance policy for the day of the event. Please provide proof of that policy 14 days prior to the event.

Rented Equipment

We must be notified in advance if you intend to bring equipment into our facilities. You are responsible for all costs incurred for rental equipment.


The space is well lit and has plenty of windows. Please ask the Facility Coordinator to lower the blinds if sunlight interferes with your event. The only lighting that we permit you to turn on/off is lighting that is controlled by an external, publicly accessible light switch. All other lighting is to remain on/off as programmed, and emergency lighting is to remain intact and undisturbed.


The Pere Marquette Depot indoor facilities are smoke and tobacco free. If you or your guests choose to smoke, please make sure all smoking takes place at least 25 feet away from building entrances/exits and windows/vents that open to the inside. There is an outdoor receptacle available for your use. You are responsible for ensuring that outdoor areas are clear of all smoking debris at the conclusion of your event.


Generally speaking no pets or other animals are allowed in the facility. Service animals serving the needs of those with disabilities are, of course, welcome.


Live or amplified music is only permitted until 10 p.m. If the police department receives complaints about the noise from music or general rowdiness in or around the Depot, they may exercise their professional judgement and either give the event sponsor a warning or may have the music turned of and/or ask that the event end. There will be no refunds if an event is ended in this manner.

Decorations and Presentation Materials

You may bring freestanding decorations and presentation materials into the facility and are responsible for removing them at the conclusion of your event. A minimum of 14 business days prior to your event, discuss with our staff what you intend to bring to the facility. You must receive approval in advance.

Please note the following:

  1. The use of glitter, confetti, or helium balloons is prohibited. If you violate these terms, you will be charged an additional $300 cleaning fee.
  2. The use of staples, push pins, nails, tacks, and tape is prohibited when affixing decorations in order to preserve this beautiful, historic building.
  3. Hanging decorations and materials from light fixtures, in-room equipment, railings, and ceilings is not allowed. Helium balloons must be weighted and secured to prevent them from escaping the event area or rising to the ceiling.
  4. Hanging projection screens, lighting, or other equipment from doors and windows is not allowed. Standalone projection screens, decorations, and other furnishings and equipment cannot block doors, stairs, entrances or exits.
  5. The terrazzo floor is sensitive to markings so all furnishings and equipment must be lifted and carried across the floor when moved. You are responsible for communicating this information to anyone else, including but not limited to rental companies who may be dropping off equipment or additional furniture.
  6. Do not place buckets or coolers with ice on the bare floor as leakage has ruined the floors in the past. If you need to use buckets of ice, please place them on a table, or have a protective covering underneath to trap the water and keep it off the floor.

Selling Items

If you plan to sell items at your event, you are required to obtain prior approval from us. We reserve the right to deny the sale of items we deem to be a public nuisance, potentially damaging to our facilities, or offensive.

City Codes & Ordinances

All applicable City of Bay City Codes & Ordinances are in effect and enforced by police.

If Depot staff, in good faith, perceive that you or your guests pose a risk to the safety of persons or property on the premises, that you are not complying with our facility use guidelines, or that you or your guests are violating local, state, or federal laws, your event will be ended. Upon verbal notice from Depot staff, security, or the police that your event is being terminated, you and your guests must leave the premises immediately, and you will not receive a refund of any kind. You may be denied future use of the facility.

Prior to Event/Day of Event/Conclusion

For larger events, we require that you meet with our staff prior to your event. At that time, you will receive a facility orientation and answers to all of your event-related questions. Our staff will contact you to arrange a meeting. Our staff can be contacted at 989.893.4596 or by email.

On the day of your event, the facility will be available to you at the time specified on your "Facility Use Request Form." You will not be permitted to set up or enter the facility until your designated reservation time, and you must clean up and remove all of your belongings by the end of your scheduled time. You will be charged additionally for an extended departing time or early arrival.

At the conclusion of your event, you are required to remove your belongings and event related materials and leave the facility clean and intact. It may be necessary to sweep and mop the floor, and wipe down tables and furniture if necessary.

If additional cleaning and/or Depot staff time is required as a result of your use of the facility, you will be charged at the prevailing hourly rate and may be denied future use of the facility.

Setup for Wedding Ceremony 2

>> Click to download the PDF

A Special Place:

  • Comfortable for up to 180 seated guests
  • Air conditioned and heated building
  • Large catering kitchen
  • Elegant, padded seating
  • Plentiful, clean, modern restrooms
  • Beautiful, historic background for photos
  • Parking accommodations
  • Park-like outdoor grounds

3 Steps to Reserve Your Date

1Contact the Depot Coordinator at (989) 893-4596 to check availability and schedule a tour.

2Once approved, fill out and sign the Facility Application and send it in with the non-refundable deposit. Cash, check, and money orders are accepted. Please make checks out to Pere Marquette Depot, LLC.

3 The balance of the fee is due 90 days prior to your event.

The Depot is Temporarily Closed

After further consideration and review of the orders from the Governor, we believe that for the safety of our guests and our employees we remain closed at this time. We are uncertain of what the future will look like, and do not know when we will be able to safely open our doors during this pandemic.

This was not an easy decision to make and we understand the inconvenience this may have caused. We hope that you understand that the main factor driving our decision was safety.

During this difficult time, take care of yourself and your families. Together we will get through this.


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